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UNICO is a special design tape measure. You can take measures and cut drywall and other materials easily and safely. But UNICO has no limits. It can be used by anyone who takes measurements.





What is UNICO?

UNICO is an innovative tape measure that measures any surface, but it also has special accessories incorporated to perform cutting work on drywall easily and safely. 
Created by Macario Sánchez, a construction worker, member of the Union of Carpenters, local, Des-Moines area, Iowa, who has been developing this venture for some years, and has managed after many attempts to get a very useful tool.




UNICO Close Look up

UNICO comes with two new patented guides:

The first is a special hook that has a slot through which the utility knife blade is inserted. This allows you to hold it tight while you make the drywall cut.

The second is attached to the body of the tape and serves to protect your fingers while you are cutting the drywall.

In this way you will have panels in the perfect measurements and you will avoid accidents because you will have a good grip on the utility knife sword. 

It will also allow you to save, since you will not lose so much material trying to have a panel with the exact measurement and with a quality finish. 

How Does UNICO Work?

What is the difference UNICO has compared to the other metric tapes?

UNICO works like a conventional tape and has the great advantage of having two guides that make it very safe and fast when cutting materials and others. 

Can I use UNICO so I dont need to cut drywall and others materials?

Absolutelly. You can use this tape anyway. 

How do I save time and money using UNICO?

With unico make cuts on drywall pieces are more exacts, and you dont waste material while protecting your hands from possible injuries. 

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