We have developed 5 unbeatable tools to save time , money, and keep you safe while working on any construction project and beyond.

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The PUTTY CADDY isn’t just an organizer; it’s a game-changer in the industry.

Putty Caddy


From the Inventor

Hi, I am Macario Sanchez. I want to tell you that developing a product goes beyond generating solutions. That is understanding people, questioning behaviors, and thus detecting opportunities that improve user performance.
It has taken me hundreds of hours to work on this endeavor, making sketches, prototyping in 3D, iterating and applying the Lean design thinking method to achieve an optimal result.
I am pleased to present to you five unbeatable tools to save time, money and keep you safe while working on any construction project and beyond. Please check them out. You could help me to launch fast any of my products? Subscribe to support us!


Without deep knowledge, Invention is hard to find

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diY-COMPAXX is an ingenious tool
created by Macario Sánchez, an innovator
of Colombian origin who has lived in the
United States for many years and whose
curiosity has led him to rethink
instruments that have been part of his
daily life.

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