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Is a versatile solution all in one for workers in any industrial sector that require PPE.

About Protega

Protega consists of a helmet, protectors for both ears and a lamp that reduce incidents or accidents to the head and ears, as well as other impacts due to lack of visibility.
This aesthetically designed helmet complies with the safety regulations established for the industry. It has protectors for both ears that screw or adjust to the helmet to prevent them from getting lost or dirty during the work day.

According to OSHA guidelines 29CFR 1926, there are three types of recommended hearing protection: Foam earplugs, Earmuffs, and silicone earplugs. Among these, silicone earplugs are the most suitable as they easily adapt to the ear, are durable, and can be reused. That’s why our safety Helmet PROTEGA is designed to be used with silicone earplugs for optimal protection and comfort.

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Its exclusive patented all-in-one system offers three solutions in one, eliminating the need to buy separate accessories, making individual replacements easier

Why Protega?

It has two washable ear protectors and two capsules that house the earplugs. These allow them to be permanently held in a hygienic way.
Made of reinforced plastic, so it guarantees maximum protection on the head.
It is light, so it does not add greater weight to the mass of the worker. And Its accessories are interchangeable.
Inside it has a set of grooves that fix the ear protectors to the helmet, which prevents them from falling off when you are not using them.
In its front part it has a rechargeable LED lamp that provides the greatest visibility in work spaces with low or no lighting.

How was PROTEGA Invented?

In 2012, its creator, Macario Sánchez, worked for the construction company Yates, in Biloxi, Mississippi. A task was entrusted to him, breaking a piece of concrete in an enclosed space.

The tool, a gas saw recognized in the industry for causing a high level of noise. The consequence of not having taken the proper precautions for the use of hearing protection was a picture of Tinnitus or Tinnitus.

From that moment on, Sánchez took it upon himself to take more measures to protect his hearing.

However, the existing protection was uncomfortable because the ear muffs are heavy and annoying due to overheating or sweating of the ears.

At the time he observed that silicone ear plugs are the best, but they are easily lost and exposed to dirt as well as all kinds of contaminants.

This is how the way to provide protection from multiple angles in a single accessory, all integrated, was questioned.

Questions? Let us know!

What differentiates PROTEGA from other safety helmets?
PROTEGA has several advantages over the others. One of them is to always have the earplugs at hand when the noise level require protection, plus a removable – rechargeable LED lamp, eliminating nasty bands that others brands carry. 
The ear plugs do not come out of the cones. where are they held? And the lamp?
The cones have the same shape as the earplugs, therefore the suction exerted does not allow it. The lamp comes with a cap-nut, which holds it firmly to the body of the helmet.
What are the benefits of Protega?
Avoid possible infections in your ears (you can wash the cones usual). It is more comfortable than earmuffs. According OSHA both devices(earplugs and earmuffs) meet the norma 29 CFR 1910.95 earing protection, and ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014. Head protection.
Why you say PROTEGA it is cheaper than traditional helmets?

Earplugs are mandatory for workers (PPE). They get lost all the time. With PROTEGA the earplugs and lamp  are never lost and clean all the time. 

For whom is PROTEGA safety helmet suitable?
PROTEGA can be used in various sectors, including Construction, Mining, HAVC, Ports, Foods, Airports, Manufacturing, and many others. It is useful in all industries where PPE is mandatory

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