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Create Perfect Arcs and Circles!

Surely more than once you have handled a compass and perhaps you have even had to use one of the specialized tools that are on the market. However, you may have realized that some stability is always required of you to achieve the best finish. If you are not able to provide the precise hold, then the circles and arcs may not be what you expected.

And if you need to do these jobs with radii greater than 16 inches, how do you do it? improvising is the safe option, since most of the tools available on the market do not reach those ranges. The solution to all these needs is concentrated in a small but powerful tool called dIY-COMPAXX.

What is dIY-COMPAXX?

It is a multipurpose compass with which you can draw, mark and cut circles and arches on different types of materials such as drywall, paper, glass, fabrics, among others with the greatest possible precision.

It offers greater support thanks to a suction cup that is fixed on any surface and two knobs with which you will achieve a better grip to create circles and arches with the greatest accuracy and in the first attempt.

You can work with circles up to 16 inches in radius or use its extension arm that will take you to 40 inches. With its mini lens you will have precise measurements in both centimeters and inches.    

DIY-COMPAXX comes with a series of accessories that can be purchased independently when you need to replace one, which will allow its useful life to be extended to the maximum.



Greater stability. Through its system composed of a suction cup and a pair of knobs, you will obtain quality standardized finishes.


Changing functionality in seconds. You can change your utility from drawing, to marking or cutting in a few seconds, due to the range of accessories available.


Wider radii. Thanks to its extension arm you will achieve radii superior to those offered by other tools on the market.


Save money and time. You will not lose more material or have to buy another complete tool in case an accessory deteriorates, since its parts are sold separately. dIY-COMPAXX offers you a wide range of functionalities in a single presentation.

How was dIY-COMPAXX Invented?

In May 2020 its creator, Macario Sánchez, was unemployed like many others. Due to his work, he had already observed that circle cutting tools have not changed since they were patented more than 30 years ago.

These are very useful tools for drywall installers, since all kinds of circumferences are required in construction.  

However, he also managed to determine some of its limitations such as the fact that its circle blade is fixed, it cannot be changed, so when you lose the edge you must discard the entire tool.


Purchasing a new one is also not economical, and if you choose to continue work in this way, the loss of material is difficult to handle.

So he set out to redesign the circle compass drywall and did it in two stages. The first in which it included the support, the spreader bar and the possibility of working with a carpenter’s pencil.

In the second stage he saw the possibility of adding accessories that would give him other utilities oriented to diyers, hobbyists and artisans such as glass cutters, paper cutters, pencils, all in one.

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dIY-COMPAXX is a small but powerful and versatile tool that has the following features:

  • It has a suction cup that adjusts to any surface, as well as two knobs that provide stability during plotting or cutting.
  • It has an extendable arm that extends the radius up to 40 inches in diameter.
  • With its mini lens you can take measurements with greater accuracy in both centimeters and inches.
  • The accessories are easily interchangeable and can be replaced individually.
  • Made of reinforced aluminum which provides strength and greater durability.

We’ve Been Building For Over 10 Years

dIY-COMPAXX is a versatile tool ideal for creating arcs and circles on any professional finished material.  It is made to replace the circle compass drywall which has the same functionality since it was launched on the market.

It features a suction cup, two knobs, a mini lens, and accessories that offer its users versatility. With dIY-COMPAXX you will achieve greater stability at work, change its functionality in seconds and wider radii as well as save money.

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Why is diY-COMPAXX is better than other compass?

Just to list a few:

  1. Innovation: Unlike traditional compasses, diY-COMPAXX features interchangeable accessories that allow for versatile use on various materials such as paper, glass, cardboard, fabric, stone, ceramics, vinyl, cordobans, and drywall. This innovative design makes diY-COMPAXX a more adaptable and practical tool for different applications.
  2. Patented: Their exclusive system of interchangeable accessories is patented in the USA.
  3. Updated design: Since the invention of the traditional compass, there have been no significant changes to its design. However, diY-COMPAXX offers a modern and updated design with interchangeable accessories that cater to the diverse needs of DIYers, craftsmen, and workers in various industries.
  4. Versatility: diY-COMPAXX’s interchangeable accessories make it suitable for use on a wide range of materials, making it a versatile tool for different applications. This versatility sets diY-COMPAXX apart from other compasses that may be limited in their applications.
  5. Enhanced functionality: diY-COMPAXX’s interchangeable accessories and patented drywall circle cutter provide enhanced functionality and convenience, making it a superior choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient compass for their projects.
How does diY-COMPAXX work?

diY-Compaxx is a unique multi-functional tool, with interchangeable accessories for tracing arcs or circles on various materials.

It can be used for:

  • Scratching or tracing arcs or circles on drywall, cardboard, vinyl, leather, etc. Use the carpenter pencil or the 0.30mm diameter circular blade.
  • For materials with smooth or glossy surfaces such as glass, ceramics, polished marble, granite, etc. Use the carpenter pencil or the 0.5mm diameter circular blade, or its equivalent with the suction cup.
  • For fabrics, cordovan, vinyl, wooden crafts, etc. Use the carpenter pencil or the interchangeable triangular blade.
  • For leather, cordovan, vinyl, use the triangular blades according to your specific needs.
What other benefits does diY-COMPAXX offer?
  1. Cost-saving: diY-COMPAXX is a versatile all-in-one tool that eliminates the need to purchase separate compasses for different product categories. Its interchangeable accessories allow users to save money by using a single tool for multiple applications.
  2. Ease of use: diY-COMPAXX features a lens that facilitates easy reading of measurements, ensuring accuracy and precision in your projects.
  3. Dual measurement systems: diY-COMPAXX supports both metric and imperial measurement systems, providing flexibility for users who prefer either system.
  4. Expandable up to 40 inches: diY-COMPAXX can be expanded to a length of up to 40 inches, making it suitable for a wide range of projects of varying sizes.
  5. Smooth surface compatibility: diY-COMPAXX includes a suction cup that allows for easy use on smooth surfaces such as glass or ceramic materials, expanding its versatility and applications.
      Is there any other product in the market that offers the same level of versatility as diY-COMPAXX?

      No, diY_COMPAXX is a unique and innovative solution that addresses the diverse needs of workers, hobbyists, and artisans, setting it apart from other available options.

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