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The dual-purpose utility knife

Cut’Nrasp is the only tool on the market that allows you to cut and smooth drywall with a professional finish at a very low cost.











About Cut’Nrasp

Cutting and scraping drywall usually requires two tools, a Utility Knife and a flat rasp wherever, so you should have more storage space to carry both you go.
The tools used for smoothing edges drywall are heavy and wear out easily, their replacement parts are so expensive that it is preferable to dispose of them completely and buy a new one.
When you handle the drywall, you should pay more attention because there are more pieces involved and they can be lost, also you waste more time using one or the other alternately.

CutNrasp Benefits

 Cut’Nrasp is the only tool on the market that allows you to cut and smooth drywall with a professional finish at a very low cost. Thanks to Cut’Nrasp will have the fusion of a Utility Knife and a scraper professional drywall all in one. Due to its light weight and small size, it requires less storage space and is more pleasant to carry because it even fits easily in a pocket. You no longer need to remember where you left one tool or another, just flip the small and ergonomic Cut’Nrasp so you can cut and smooth the panels without wasting timeSave money when you buy Cut’Nrasp since its parts are 100% interchangeable at a very low cost and its resistance makes it durable.
Patent 202030601841.4. Other patents pending.

About Cut’Nrasp

The dual-purpose tool that will give you finishes professional drywall at the lowest cost and with the greatest comfort.

● Forget those tools that wear out quickly and are expensive, affecting the quality of your work and your pocket.

● Why carry impractical instruments that take up more space and volume, and make you uncomfortable during transport.

● Why use two tools when you can have one that offers the functionality, efficiency, and economy you need.

Cut’Nrasp is the solution you were waiting for

Cut’Nrasp is the only tool on the market for cutting and smoothing drywall. At one end it has a retractable blade ideal for making cuts on paper, cardboard, cardboard and especially drywall. At the other end, it has a flat rasp that is used for scraping or smoothing drywall edges. Both parts are replaceable, which gives this utensil a longer useful life in time. Its ergonomic design helps improve fit while working, as well as switch from cutting to smoothing in seconds. Made with reinforced aluminum which makes it resistant to high workloads.

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Cut’Nrasp is ideal for construction workers such as drywall installers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, craftsmen, carpenters, or anyone who needs to cut materials or smooth drywall.
If I buy CutN’rasp, will I need the traditional rasp?

CutN’rasp it a dual purpose tool for both cutting the drywall and then smoothing it.

The flat rasp of CutN’rasp is very small. Does it have the same function as the other existing rasps.

Yes, it does.

Who is this tool for?

CutN”rasp is for all construction workers, mainly drywall installers. However, anyone can use it. It is a standard size utility knife.

Does the flat rasp fits on the edge of the drywall sheet?

Absolutely. The flat rasp of the CutN’rasp length is 1.70”x 80 width x 0.07 thickness, while the most used drywall sheet is .58 and .50 inches.

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 Cut’Nrasp in Action

Happy Clients

Cut’Nrasp is a very practical tool, it takes up little space.
Carlos Acosta


With Cut’Nrasp I no longer have to carry so much weight.
Joseph Smith

Construction Worker

I use Cut’Nrasp and in seconds I have the drywall exactly the way I want it.
John Green

Drywall Installer

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